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Who are we

We are de Bereiders, a company that assembles high-quality products and provides services for the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

The strength of de Bereiders is that we work with a well-trained and professional team in a healthy, commercial and structured environment. We take pride in having a very skilled and flexible team. This is why we are able to produce high quality products and provide customized services.

De Bereiders is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. A manufacturing permit is granted to us by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports that allows us to work with various pharmaceuticals. Our work is strictly conducted in clean areas.

We constantly challenge ourselves by optimizing our controlled improvement processes. By doing this we are able to provide our products and services at highly competitive rates.

We have extensive experience in the areas of assembly, filling, packaging and re-packaging of various products, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and nutritional supplements.

De Bereiders has been an important cornerstone for numerous clients during startup or new product launches. By assisting these clients in developing brands and product lines, we have achieved a variety of productive partnerships. Our clients regularly rely on us to help develop new or improve existing products. By working together and looking at different solutions, we aim to realize a better product with the highest possible quality. Together with our new partners and existing partnerships, we have managed to achieve a steady and stable growth.

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